A different world that feels too good with my loving sister [Final] By What a game

What a game Games released a new game called A different world that feels too good with my loving sister and the version is Final. The game’s story is about One day, the main character and his sister were sent to another world. While cooperating with her sister, he will clear the adventurer’s guild quest and find a way to return to the original world.​

Developer:What a game
File Size:421.7 MB
game details

Developer Notes:

  • ●Battle system Orthodox RPG type Gear up and use skills and magic to defeat monsters.
  • ●Big brother’s love level As events occur and quests are progressed, the brother’s love level will increase. There are also H-events that occur when certain items are acquired.
  • ●Multiple endings There are 5 types of endings, including simple ones
  • ●Illustrated by the circle “Hot Mikan” 28 basic event CG + variations
  • ●Reading room where you can see all H events from the beginning for busy people
  • Estimated play time is around 2 hours

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