Among the Stars [v0.12a] By mcteech

mcteech Games released a new game called Among the Stars and the version is 0.12a. The game’s story is about You’ll assume the role of the pilot of a starship who does a deal with a mysterious customer. Predictably things happen, and you find yourself in need of help. Things only get more complicated when you run into an angry autocrat, some mysterious cargo, and an old girlfriend. Along the way you’ll run into some beautiful ladies in need of your help, and maybe a little love as well. And that’s only the beginning.

File Size:687.3 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

New section of the game, start exploring the colony, meet some of the new characters. This update includes a couple of animated scenes, a new exploration section, reward renders and multiple conversation scenes. Should be between 30-45 minutes worth of content.

Developer Notes:

This is my first project, and it is a hobby. As such I’m focusing on creating an engaging experience through storytelling. Your choices will matter, they will have an effect on the lives of the people around you and how they treat you going forward. You’ll have a chance to help everyone, but sometimes tough choices will need to be made.

Currently very much in alpha. This is a fully playable version with about 250 renders, and only one intimate scene currently. 5 hidden images are available to be found in an exploration section. Gallery is included, replay gallery is upcoming.
Plans for the future:

  • Replay Gallery for animations
  • Adding music
  • Filling out the rest of the first chapter
  • More hidden items to find during explorations
  • Keeping the story tight around a core of characters
  • Trips to multiple planets
  • Fleshing out the rest of the story in interesting and engaging ways
  • Moar sexytimes!!

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