Barachoda Bloom [v0.5.1] By ChellayTiger

ChellayTiger Games released a new game called Barachoda Bloom and the version is 0.5.1. The game’s story is about You who have just traveled to Bangladesh for a work-related project. As it turns out, Bangladesh happens to be your country of heritage. You rush into the place you’ll be staying for several months when you bump into someone familiar. It’s your childhood friend who you haven’t seen in person for at least a decade. The two of you reconnect a day later, and he asks you to do one thing. Make more friends. You’re more interested in finding more men to bang, but as you learn more about the country’s inhabitants, you start to wonder if he has a point.​

File Size:181.93 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Around 10k words of content centered around Saiful.
  • A CG Gallery has been added. You can access it by clicking on “Extras” on the Title Screen. You can also access the Sprite Gallery, but this hasn’t been fully implemented yet, so you might crash the game if you try to access it.
  • Character profiles have been added. These provide basic information for all of the characters that might be interesting to you. To unlock these, try to go through the introduction scenes of these characters again.
  • The game will now only end if you make it to day 30. Previously, the game would end if you hung out with certain characters. Now you’ll go back to the regular game.
  • The social stats (MIND, CHARM, and GUTS) are now color coded. MIND is green, CHARM is blue, and GUTS is yellow.
  • The game will now indicate whether or not you have enough stats to make a certain choice. If you don’t, the choice will appear in red text and possibly be changed to just “???”. Clicking on the choice will have Rahmir say which stats he’s lacking and then boot him back to the choice selection. If you do have enough stats, the choice will be color coded in the stat’s color and you’ll be able to pick it just fine.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash during the scene where you spend time with Ahmed during Eid.

Developer Notes:

Barachoda Bloom is a dating sim where you get to know several beefy men, see a loser become his ideal self, and find your true love out of these men. You play as said loser (default name is Rahmir Ayaz) who thinks about doing dudes more than anything else. But he’s also terribly lacking in social skills and thoughtfulness due to some baggage he had during his childhood. During his stay in Bangladesh, he has the chance to befriend several men, and he slowly learns how to become more sociable and thoughtful by spending time with these men. And if you allow him, he can start a relationship with one of these men, but can he prove himself worthy for such a thing?

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