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UnknownError Games released a new game called Bitch Breaker and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about is a 1980’s themed “Slave Trainer”, a genre of games popularized by a very gifted artist and creator named Akabur wherein the game’s protagonist “trains” another character in sexual slavery, most often against their will. In Bitch Breaker the player takes on the role of an unpaid intern named Max Power who is forced to work for the summer at a sleezy 80’s megacorp where he trains his cruel, overbearing boss, the titular Bitch.​

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OS:Windows, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


This update breaks your saves. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been trying to cram as much in as I can. I’d like it to be worth the annoyance of replaying everything again.
What’s new:
A lot. Seriously.

  • A new favor “Suck my cock.” Over the next few weeks I’m going to be improving this system to include “deepthroat training” and other cool things that would take too much time to add for this update.
  • Condoms are now purchasable and usable. Agreeing to use a condom reduces the requirements to get your dick sucked and later to penetrate Ms. Pennyworth. Be sure to exercise safety as improper usage can be dangerous.
  • A new NPC. The kiosk girl from the intro is now an employee. You can find her in the lobby in the afternoon. You can pursue a romantic/sexual relationship with Sugar. Just interact with her in the lobby until you get the option to “Ask Sugar out.”
  • A new dating system. You can go on dates with Sugar and explore areas around The Big Onion. It’s pretty comfy. Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding additional dates to this, and if there’s interest, expanding it.
  • Several new sex scenes with Sugar. She mostly just flashes you and lets you jerk off on her. You’ll know you’ve reached the end of the new content when you get the option to cum on her pussy.
  • New gym scenes. There is now a second “Break Point” available in the gym, associated with the new squat scenes, that will permanently increase the Bitch’s submission. There is also a new gym scene featuring Sugar Brown.
  • New lobby scenes. There are now several new Lobby scenes that can occur in the afternoon involving various characters.
  • New Room Customization feature “Music.” You now have the ability to change the background music in your lair using cassette tapes purchased from Sugar’s kiosk. Wank Williams remains mislabeled.
  • Introduced a lot of new bugs. I’ve squashed what I could, but you’re likely to run into a few in the wild.
  • Misc changes “under the hood” to facilitate future updates without breaking saves. Again, if you’re a curious cat who likes to dig around in the game files, you’ll like discover some variables and rudimentary code related to the appearance and body modification for both Claire Pennyworth and Sugar Brown. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to be able to implement those systems anytime soon, just that I would like to be prepared for the eventual implementation. Just to be safe -Body modification remains at *.01% Complete*

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