Black Hoops [Final] By TiGaRi works

TiGaRi works Games released a new game called Black Hoops and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Douglas Mons is a pretty talented hacker. His parents died in an accident 17 years ago, which made him so introverted that he was reluctant to go out. He got a hoop that can summon high-level creatures, accidentally, but in the meantime, it was somehow bound to happen. However, the circle made him fall into a huge and complicated crisis. And he should find a way to rescue himself from the people who were approved by the ring. The story happens in the near future, including the factor of religion, antisocial and gay love. Each time you start the game, you will get different and various experiences.​

Developer:TiGaRi works
File Size:806.43 MB
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The head of the Dark Iron Knights, Harken’s mentor, and Atals’ half-brother, because of his illegitimate child, Saier was extremely disgusted by him, but Atals liked him very much. They had a period of training in swordsmanship together. Time until Atal Ars became the throne. Thorold’s character is very straightforward, he likes to say something straight, not a word when he is angry. The more convenient way to solve troubles is to use force. Some look down on the weak, but they don’t care too much. Mornes’ dialogue will change his mood.

Vice position of the Dark Iron Knights. The beards on the sideburns on both sides were left to the chin, and they looked imposing. Harken is not a timid person, and will try to persuade the opponent in order to reduce casualties. He thinks it is very troublesome to fight. If Thorold’s order is to fight, then he will face the battle with extreme seriousness.

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