City Lights Love Bites [v0.1.4] By NaughtyOba

NaughtyOba Games released a new game called City Lights Love Bites and the version is 0.1.4. The game’s story is about MC gets a fresh start after quitting his job and moving to the city of RoshVale. In RoshVale, he will encounter six main female characters. Will he find his perfect match under the city lights, or will he be a player driven by lust? The choice is yours!​

File Size:1.73 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added 7 more animations, each containing 1500+ frames
  • Increased playtime by approximately 25 minutes
  • Some 4K draggable pictures in game

Developer Notes:

What I will do for this game down the road

  • Planned Seasons: The game is planned to have 11 seasons (pilot + 10 more seasons). Tons of Free DLCs will be out when I’m happy to see you guys enjoying it and buying my games!
  • I will keep updating but the price will be fixed(Won’t change) for season 0!
  • My update schedule is usually every two weeks.
  • PS: My old graphics card, a 2060, is really slowing down my work. I plan to get a 5090 this year to bring you my best artwork and crazy ideas.

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