Corrupted at the Core [v0.902] By Enlit3d

Enlit3d Games released a new game called Corrupted at the Core and the version is 0.902. The game’s story is about is a Dungeon Crawler/Rogue turn-based fighting inspired by games such as Divinity II and Darkest Dungeon.

File Size:304.5 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Added random event rooms (? icon on the map)
  • Added 7 random events
  • Added item spawn requirements
  • Added new items that will only spawn after certain amount of progress during a run
  • Added Emissive color customization in dresser by clicking on the * button.
  • Added a camera zoom in effect when character is engaged in a grab
  • Added new gameplay options to toggle automatic camera panning and camera zoom on grab
  • Added some internal memory management things to help deal with big mods
  • Units receive AFTERGLOW status after climax again so their p**** remains erect
  • AFTERGLOW no longer have gameplay impact
  • Fixed “Haste” card was named “haste”
  • Fixed items granting movement bonus having no effect
  • Fixed Temp HP not reduced correctly during grabs
  • Fixed a bug that cause there to be much more campfire rooms than intended
  • Enemy level scaling to 5/floor from 10/floor (game is now easier)
  • Defend action scaling to x0.7 SPC ATT from x0.6
  • Weapon slot under loadout is disabled for characters with preset weaponry
  • Reduced generated portrait size to 128×128 from 256×256
  • Added a better fallback case for when portrait texture is full to prevent fruitlessly trying to re-generate new portrait textures

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