Doghouse [v1.2.9c] By Mama Bunny

Mama Bunny Games released a new game called Doghouse and the version is 1.2.9c. The game’s story is about A detective who is searching for his family ends up in a small town and discovers the real reason why his family was there. An ordinary family’s camping trip is interrupted by strange events, and a young boy discovers secrets that will bring his dark side to life. Secret Village, the town they came to, will live with them. The secrets of the town and what it hides will reveal the real reason why it disappeared over ten years earlier.

When the siren wails again, all the residents will respond. The day will become a nightmare and the night torture. To survive, the boy and the detective will have to face their dark sides. Their only weapon will be time, which will turn out to be an illusion. However, they will not meet, but they will definitely know about each other. But they won’t escape… Secret Village will not allow them to do so. Welcome to Secret Village! Welcome to Doghouse!

Developer:Mama Bunny
File Size:1.77 GB
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Game Version Changelog:

1.2.9 C-fix:

  • – added some random interactions with characters at home
  • – added support for controllers (partial)
  • [Note – Gamepad support tested on DualSense. The compatibility of other gamepads is unknown.]
  • + added ability to map gamepad buttons
  • + Added ability to map keyboard buttons
  • – added Bathroom/wall hole (difficulty level: Doghouse) [placeholder for future updates]
  • – added Storage room/wall hole (difficulty level: Normal, Hard) [placeholder for future updates]
  • – cleared main menu/options moved to “The Book of Perversions” (at MC bedside):
  • + Taboo modes
  • + Bloodline
  • + Exclusive Keys 2.0
  • – solved bugs:
  • + food disappear too fast
  • + the zombies couldn’t kill
  • + stress bar doesn’t show change in stress level (the problem may still occur)
  • – added new sound effects
  • – the Doghouse theme license was purchased thanks to backers on Patreon
  • – sleep and nap options have been added + third day (ReZombies)
  • – meeting with Mrs. Tamara possible only in the morning
  • + added option to skip meeting with Ms. Tamara
  • – added the ability to take screenshots with F11
  • – the game will generate a file that can be sent to the developer, if an error occurs
  • – time of day removed: afternoon + all home events with Tina and Bella on afternoon
  • – improved day and night system
  • – tutorial removed from the menu
  • – improved economy and probability of finding resources
  • – improved game saving and loading
  • – removed several scenes because they were embarrassing (in my opinion) – [d-fix] will add deleted scenes created anew
  • – added unnecessary but nice transitions 
  • + Affection levels (version 1.2.9c):
  • – Madame Rysa: 1
  • – Beatrice: 0
  • – Amanda: 1
  • – Lola: 1
  • – Scarlett: 1
  • – Mrs. Tamara: 2
  • – Caroline: 2
  • – Bella: 2
  • – Tina: 1
  • – (Supporters) Amelia: 1

Developer Notes:

Due to moderate interest in the game and a small amount of free time: updates will appear irregularly. Many thanks to everyone who supports this project. Your support, even small, means a lot to me and allows me to continue working on the game.

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