Erosion [v0.3.7] By TrashGods

TrashGods Games released a new game called Erosion and the version is 0.3.7. The game’s story is about is an Adventure 2D Adult Fantasy RPG combined with Card Game – Strategic elements, which will challenge the player to find the right cards and the right strategy to effectively defeat the enemies before the battle starts. Seems like… the devil gets you transported in another world, and you have to “moderate” the previous almighty Heroes from creating an imbalance in the world; all these while you’re just a random commoner who happens to be able to increase his… lewd powers?

File Size:877.4 MB
OS:Windows, Android
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Added a new partner – “Dishonest Culmination” Mayim
  • Added new Cards available for the new partner
  • Added new Traits available for the new partner
  • Added main Story Chapter 1.9 to be playable
  • Added main Story Chapter 2.0 – “Those Watching Above Us” to be playable
  • Added new missions for the Area 1
  • Added the newly added chapters in the Story Journal
  • Added new partner mini interactions for Mayim
  • Added new partner deviances for Mayim
  • Added the new partner “Dishonest Culmination” – Mayim in the Forest of Desires
  • Added new path in the Forest of Desires – Magician’s Burrow (available for Magician Tier)
  • Fixed the exp requirements for some partners (significantly lowered Exp needs for multiple partners)
  • Now you’ll be able to add +10 Training Scrolls instead of +5 when leveling up a Partner
  • Added new debug for Deviances – they can be now instantly completed on Alpha Branch and Early Access builds
  • Modified the Partner Selection Screen before starting a Stage to prioritize the partner with highest level first
  • Fixed problem with 144hz monitors
  • Fixed the placement of the Partner Trait icons during battle
  • Fixed the scaling of the Partner Cards to be accurate with the V3 Battle System
  • Fixed the cost of the second and third Partner skills
  • Fixed the unnatural MP of Hedera to be consistent with other Partners
  • Balanced the base parameters of all the Partners
  • Fixed the incorrect card elements used by Fyra and Mizu
  • Fixed bug where Partner Cards were visually based on player’s Action Points
  • Fixed bug where Partner details showed inaccurate stats
  • Fixed the bug where new Partners didn’t have any relationship requirement
  • Tweaked the transition when partner deviances are shown or closed
  • Tweaked the transition when partner is visited
  • All instances of Partner Details Screen can be now closed with RMB
  • Tweaked the transition when opening the Partner Selection Screen

Developer Notes:

After version 0.2.0 was released we’ve been trying our best to keep the save files as compatible as we can. The game gets more complex each day and we’ll be unable to keep up with all the compatibility tests, your help would be much appreciated if you find any issue with the saves made post-0.2.0 version.

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