Flowers of Satsunai [Final] By Minami chan

Minami chan Games released a new game called Flowers of Satsunai and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Join the maidens of this artistic Japanese-inspired world on an adventure to defeat a mutant threat. Love, lust, and lies await. Unfold the truth with your reactive and proactive skills in this simple yet challenging puzzle game.​

Developer:Minami chan
File Size:514.7 MB
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Developer Notes:

Flowers of Satsunai is a simple yet challenging puzzle game embraced by gorgeous artworks, melodic songs, and charming tales. Enjoying the delightful adventure in story mode, combining careful planning and swift executions in survival mode, and cherishing the romance of your beautiful companions in memory mode, the choice is yours.

Journey to a fantasy Japanese-inspired world A simple escort quest with the enigmatic priestess Kyoko nearly costed two young hunters, Kichiro and Nanami, their lives. A bloodthirsty mutant was the last thing they expected along the way. Joined by the greedy doctor Yui and the stoic samurai Akane, the party traveled to Satsunai searching for an artifact to subdue the monster. What they found in Satsunai was beyond their wildest imaginations.

Indulge in the vibrant canvas Lovingly painted and carefully selected, the arts and music worked in harmony to bring the colorful world of Flowers of Satsunai to life. From the intrigued samurai armors to the subtle sound of shrine’s bells, every little details were cared for.

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