Futa Family [v0.2.26] By Ani has Problems

Ani has Problems Games released a new game called Futa Family and the version is 0.2.26. The game’s story is about When a boy and a girl really love each other. They find out their mothers are both futanari who want to spew their goo up the girlfriend and the guy gets cucked the end.

Developer:Ani has Problems
File Size:901.0 MB
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Update got 3 scenes.
  • All of them are in the three missions you can do when talking to Sandys Aunt (the blonde centaur in the northern village)


  • a ton of new scenes + new gallery with every scene in the game!
  • some new characters added with the story
  • continuation of the main storyline & some routs.
  • added some special events with 4~ scenes each of christmas and halloween.
  • much much more
  • patreon nuked my account for incest so now I’m on pixiv and subscribestar^^ (updates are the same on both sites)

Developer Notes:

HI^^ This is the first demo for my little h-game attempt for Windows & IOS.

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