Hypnotic Idol [v1.020 Steam] By Azucat

Azucat Games released a new game called Hypnotic Idol and the version is 1.020 Steam. The game’s story is about This is a 3D training simulation game that can be played intuitively using the mouse. With a huge amount of lines and reactions, you can experience the immersive feeling of interacting with a real girl. If you repeatedly train your favorite idol girl, she will become more and more lewd. Let’s make a lewd girl who gets excited just by looking at the main character, and aim for a lovey-dovey relationship! Highly flexible touching training takes place in the changing room before recording, the bed after recording, the recording studio, the toilet and the idol’s home.​

File Size:218.6 MB
Version:1.020 Steam
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Game Version Changelog:

Steam Release

Developer Notes:

Touch with the mouse
Easily undress/dress the clothes and engage in touching actions such as breast fondling and fingering.
Increase the pleasure level and bring to climax to raise the lewdness level.
As training progresses, the dialogue and reactions will change.

Free-Look Camera
Equipped with the traditional free-look camera of the circle.
Obstacles also conveniently disappear, allowing you to focus on the important parts of the girls.

Various toys
As the game progresses, various toys become available.
Stimulate erogenous zones with the strength that brings pleasure.
By the way, you can record while wearing some of the toys.

Wait, live streaming just like that!?
I can’t take time off from work.
It’s a two birds with one stone situation because I can also do naughty training.
But be careful of getting banned!
Under no circumstances should you release the sensory block and make someone squirt to climax!”

You can take away the freedom of the body.
The mental state remains the same as usual.

Personality changed to that of a lecherous succubus.

X-ray Vision Function
You can even see it while recording.
It’s important to visually check the health of the idol, of course.
It seems there are other functions as well…?

– Overflowing with love juices
– Producing breast milk
– Blocking sensation
In addition to the waiting room, there are recording beds, studios, toilets, and the heroine’s home, among other charming situations. Each one offers unique training experiences for your enjoyment.

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