Last Bitcoin [v0.26] By Pixel4Tune

Pixel4Tune Games released a new game called Last Bitcoin and the version is 0.26. The game’s story is about You are an ex-crypto milliner who lost everything due to your medical condition. The doctors told you there is no cure and that you will be gone in a few months. You still have your luxury home, but no money and your last bitcoin, which is now worthless in the current market. With no other options, you face the decision to either wait for your last days on earth or take a risk and try to make a financial recovery by doing illegal activities inspired by your favorite games/movies GTA and Scarface​

File Size:86.8 MB
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • GameEngine improvements from 1.0 to 1.5
  • Game now is 25 Events and some events reworked


  • Initial Release
  • 21 Events for Main Story

Developer Notes:

Report any bugs here. the game engine is also in developing process “quick&easy”. I will post a guide in the future to anyone that want to use it. it is totally free. There will also be an Android version as it was develop using Firemonkey. thanks and enjoy the game I will release android version in a few months

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