Legend of Fainn Dynasty ~Battles of Beautiful Warlords~ [Steam] By Dieselmine

Dieselmine Games released a new game called Legend of Fainn Dynasty ~Battles of Beautiful Warlords~and the version is Steam. The game’s story is about There are two great nations on a continent.”Fainn” is the female emperor Twaori dominated the feminist state “YangWei” was advocated by the muscular Shinwan want to predominate the mainland, two ambitions of the collision, the war is about to begin.

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◆◇Game Story◇◆
There are two huge countries on the continent.
“Fainn” with women’s supremacy dominated by an empress,”YangWei” with muscle supremacy dominated by an emperor.
Shinwan, who plans to slave women in the continent with Fainn which targets unification.Both ambitions collide and a big battle begins. Beautiful female warlords boasting power to kill thousands of enemies versus a million mercenaries led by military commanders with characters. Can female warlords survive the battlefield where force, intellect, skills mix together!?

◆◇Game Character◇◆

CV:Nene Tsukimori

Empress who rules Fainn. The country is famous for the supremacy of women, and they use men as labor. She is beautiful considered even to be like a celestial woman, but she is a masochistic, mystical and scaring the enemies. She acts raging to men, but relatively gentle for women, and she also has aspects of a lesbian, such as inviting to her bed room. She is excellent in intelligence and plotting but also strong enough be one of the best five in the continent. She likes beautiful ladies and has made the costume of warriors also look sexy.

She wrapped her plump body in gorgeous clothes to show her beauty and lustiness.

CV:Mako Ayane

The strongest warlord boasted in Fainn. She even has scared 10,000 fierce soldiers by herself, and she is strong enough to be called as a warrior god by her enemy and ally. Being also the highest commander of the military and Fainn’s faithful right arm. Although she is trusted by the people being severe in discipline and righteous, the soldiers are scared of her since she shows strength of a warrior enough to shiver enemy and ally in the battlefields. The closest warlords adore her for her strength. Being specialized in martial arts, there are many things she does not know other than warfare.

Beautiful tall having big boobs.
She wears armor that imitated a dragon swaying a weapon of her height easily. Yenmin

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