Living in Kanazawa [v0.23.3.13] By JonesI

JonesI Games released a new game called Living in Kanazawa and the version is The game’s story is about The game follows the player as a regular student moving to study abroad in Japan. The main focus of the game will be character development and how everyone interacts. I’ve always been disappointed when a game has so many individual stories of good quality, but almost no link between them. I plan to have the stories intertwined based on the character’s choices. All choices will have an impact on the game.​

File Size:287.9 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

In short, I changed all the images in the game. Story is mostly the same.

I can’t really promise anything about future updates. Even though I want to keep expanding it, life is often too busy to work on this so I don’t know. I think the new method produces higher quality images, but it’s harder to get consistency and avoid graphical artifacts. So the time spent per image varies wildly. Even though the last time I made an updated I had hopes to increase the number of images per event, I think I’ll have to scale that back down again if I want to also write the story.

Developer Notes:

Just hoping that people will enjoy the game. I appreciate any kind of feedback. Sorry that development is slow, this is only a hobby,

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