Love or Power [v0.2.6] By Sihirbaz_artttzz

Sihirbaz_artttzz Games released a new game called Love or Power and the version is 0.2.6. The game’s story is about A long time ago… The countries of Groejen and Eskium went to war. Towards the end of the hard-fought war, Groejen was weakened. Eskium would win the war. With everything going against Groejen, they developed the Eldons with various otherworldly spells and potions. They were selected through rigorous childhood training and set to the final stage with spells and potions. Despite their small numbers, the Eldons turned the war in Groejen’s favor. After the battle, the power of the Eldons frightened them and they attacked the Eldons unexpectedly in the great raid. Only half a dozen Eldons survived the great raid, escaping.

File Size:623 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New chapter
  • Many translation errors in the previous chapters have been corrected by the editor.

Developer Notes:

Hello everyone, I’m The Sihirbaz. “Love or Power” is my first adult game and a passion project, so please don’t forget to play and comment and let me know what you find bad by contacting me. You can get information about when the new update will be released on Patreon, but please note that I am not asking for any donations at this time. You will see that there is no tier system on my Patreon. For now moral support is enough for me and you are welcome to come to my discord server and talk to me and get new news about the game. Thank you very much for playing.

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