Married Life in the Ancient Pyramid [v0.4] By Xoullion

Xoullion Games released a new game called Married Life in the Ancient Pyramid and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about Our Hero going hunting for treasure in the desert, eventually finding the location of an Ancient Pyramid. It was here that, fortunately – or perhaps unfortunately – through surviving the trials, he came to have the Pyramid Owner as his wife. Can our Hero resist the temptations or will he succumb to them? The choice is yours to make.​

File Size:229.3 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Around 1000+ words
  • 1 New H Scene


  • 2000+ New Words
  • Improved Coding
  • Improved Animations
  • Improved Task System
  • Improved Relationship System
  • New Expressions not all of them functioning in the game yet
  • Character Customization System
  • All Animations works with the Customization System
  • 2 New H Scene


  • Around 6000+ words
  • All images re sized for better quality and file size
  • Day Phases + Days + Tint System
  • Relationship System
  • Task System
  • Shop System
  • Shop prices re priced for less grind in the future
  • Roleplay System
  • (Unlockable feature from the shop, You can now rename your and Samira role)
  • Skip System (You are able to skip the H scene you already saw before)
  • 2 Interaction avalbile during Wednesday and Saturday Morning (Kissing – Coil Massage )
  • 1 Scene showing up during bedtime cuddle time with your snake waifu
  • 5 H Scene (Sub/Dom version basically 10 Scene – Tailjob, Tonguejob, Handjob variants, With this all lvl 1 scenes are done)

Developer Notes:

Hi, I only have three things to say in this note. First i m not a native English speaker so if you find any grammar errors in my game please send me a message, Second I probably not going to share the future versions of my game, But I’m not against piracy so if someone decide to share it just provide the link to others and I update the thread later(if this is fine). Third is i just want to fill this game with a lot different kind of content/fetish so I m open for suggestions.

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