Naughty Nice [Chp.3] By Bbisquit

Bbisquit Games released a new game called Naughty Nice and the version is Chp.3. The game’s story is about A wealthy family with two sons and two daughters who hired a maid from another country. One day one of the sons named Marvin fell in love with the maid named Carla. Marvin’s family never liked his relationship with Carla, so they stripped him of his inheritance and everything they gave him. He had to start from scratch after he and Carla had a son and daughter named Tom and Cora.

When growing up, Tom’s closest friend was murdered by some thugs. His sadness led him to take hard drugs and get into illegal underground fighting at a young age. Tom’s parents eventually moved away to another state, hoping Tom would get better and forget everything bad that happened. Not long though, after they moved, Tom’s Grandfather died of cancer. Because of what happened, most of their family businesses collapsed. Will Tom be able to take revenge on his friend’s death? And will he get to know more about the rest of his family on his father’s side? Come and find out.

File Size:425.7 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Developer Notes:

Future Tags: pregnancy, lactation, harem, interracial, foursome, threesome, BDSM, Anal Sex, etc.

  • For relationship. They are in order
  • all in small caps.
  • If anyone can just patch it, that would be great.
  • also sorry we are not native english speakers.

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