Newlywed Twin Swordswoman and the Curse of Sexual Lust [v1.0] BY karaage-tomato

karaage-tomato Games released a new game called Newlywed Twin Swordswoman and the Curse of Sexual Lust and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about A rather standard H-RPG in which our female protagonist, Dorena, is a newlywed adventurer all set to get started on the next phase of her life as she and her husband move into the town of Walp. Unfortunately for Dorena, her rose-tinted life is soon to be darkened when she is cursed by a monster while exploring a dungeon. A curse that greatly amplifies her lust when night falls. It’s a race against the clock as Dorena struggles to undo her curse as she dives deeper into the dungeon, seeking the monster that had marked her.

File Size:1.12 GB
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Game Version Changelog:

Version 1.0 release…Probably? Didn’t list any versions on the site and this is the latest one with all the bugfixes. Version 1.0+, maybe?

Full Translation Status/Translator Rant:

Every last bit of dialogue for the various characters has been translated. Vast majority of the menu has been translated too apart from the ‘Load’ button, the name of the currency and Dorena’s name. Now when I tried to fill in these parts using Translator++, it completely busted the EXP gain system and made levelling up impossible. For that reason, the same is with the battle rewards section where most of it is untranslated (but will be translated when you open up your menu) as that also broke the EXP gain system.

Another issue is with Dorena’s mental status changes. In most H-games, there’ll be a little section above the character’s portrait or a separate screen detailing all the various sexual exploits the heroine has got up to. In this game however, the developer chose to make this ‘Corruption’ page, if you will, a series of static images that will be replaced as Dorena triggers certain flags. Because of that, there’s no way for me to easily translate the text without directly ripping open the image file, figuring out a way to painstakingly copy the kanji on said image and then editing a translated copy back into the game without creating far too much work for myself.

Now, it’s entirely possible that I’m being an idiot and there’s an obvious solution and if someone figures it out, by all means, post an updated copy in this thread as I’d love to check it out.

Well…Maybe not love. As a result of needing to edit spelling errors that I missed here and there or alter line breaks so the dialogue flows better, I’ve gotten a little sick of the game. It’s not terrible by any means, nor is it a truly excellent game. It’s average. I definitely feel like the developer could’ve done more with the setting, but I did like how everything was more or less contained in a few maps rather than padding it out with excessively large and empty maps. The gameplay was fairly easy (although, when I didn’t know that I had broke the XP gain system and was playing through it, I thought it was meant to be a hardcore RPG and actually enjoyed myself more with the challenge) and you can definitely blitz through the various bosses by just grinding your way to 99.

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