Oedo Trigger [v1.0.5 Cracked] By CQC Software

CQC Software Games released a new game called Oedo Trigger and the version is 1.0.5 Cracked. The game’s story is about is a first-person shooter similar to their previous game Harem Trigger. By shooting the female enemies you strip them and completely stripping them defeats them. Meanwhile, most enemies will rush toward you and try to grab you. If they succeed an animation will play, and you have to break free via a QTE. Taking too long to escape or getting grabbed too often will lead to defeat.​

Developer:CQC Software
File Size:3.14 GB
Version:1.0.5 Cracked
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.0.1 Trial
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

  • Number of stages: 6 (more than the standard demo version)
  • Estimated play time: 30 minutes or so.
  • There are 6 types of CQC (motions when a girl catches you).
  • The storyline will unlock the Sage mode and the Seal chip.
  • Some weapons and Seal chips can be purchased and equipped. (You can buy Glock, USAS, small grenades, big-breasted chips, gym clothes chips, etc.)
  • Access to the locker room function. You can change the girls’ outfits and appearance.
  • You can use the mouse and keyboard.
  • You can use the gamepad (The menu cannot be operated with the gamepad, only the FPS screen can be operated with the gamepad.). Most controllers should be supported, but I have confirmed that only PS4 controllers work.
  • The motion gallery (screen to view sexually explicit motions) is not available (it does not work at this time).

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