Love and Submission [v0.08] By veqvil

veqvil Games released a new game called Love and Submission and the version is 0.08. The game’s story is about After traveling through Asia you finally arrive back home to your family. Having no access to the internet you see your family the first time after 2 years. A lot has changed: There are new neighbors now, your mom started dating and your old friends have changed.

File Size:880.5 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Since many people are confused about new Content:
  • Added Chapter 7: Identity
  • Total new and unseen Renders: 610+
  • Also added 130 Renders worth of Animation
  • Main update to Amy Love ( ONLY Solo path) Content
  • Relatively big amount of reworked render 350+
  • Qlog 2.0! Your new and improved Qlog with more functionality!
  • Quest tracking from day one!
  • Hints/Tips: Clicking on a Quest inside the Qlog will now give you instructions on how to complete a task
  • Introducing “Memories”, a scene gallery!
  • Romance/Relationship related events/content will be collected inside the gallery!
  • Clicking on a Gallery thumbnail will allow you to replay it’s contents!
  • Implemented Nickname/Adressing Changer for Carol and Amy!
  • Access the name changer by starting a new game (you can close the game right after, the changes will stay active)
  • Starting a new game will allow you to globally change nicknames and how you call them
  • These nickname changes work on every savefile you play (Doesn’t apply to the main character, his name is savegame bound)
  • As standard you will adress Carol as “Landlady” and call her “Carol”, she will adress you as “Tenant”.
  • As standard you will adress Amy as “Roommate” and she will adress you as “Roommate”.
  • A New Main Menu! (Again haha)
  • This Changelog!

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