Perpetual Change [Final] By PieceofSoap

PieceofSoap Games released a new game called Perpetual Change and the version is Final. The game’s story is about A diapers and soiling said diapers. You have been warned!​

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Game Version Changelog:



  • Introduction of Chapter one is more polished.
  • Picture replacement for Eclair’s accident in chapter 2.
  • New graphic assets for panels.
  • Integration of Fiona’s house near the Hanner’s Farm.
  • Integration of a new shop and a new character at Port of Triumph (Gwen).
  • New picture for the panel in the cave in Chapter 1/2.
  • The relation system between Eclair and Fiona is complete and start in Chapter 3. It has no effect on dialogues or storyline yet.


There are several bugs that I can’t fix now, here’s the complete list.

  • Events location get mess up if you save during the earlier scenes of chapter 3 (Precisely, outside the school before the accident, inside the school after the changing scene, at the end of the lighthouse puzzle and inside Mishelle’s house.)
  • Seems like at some point during the Simon Say game, the pictures are mess up and “Turn 2” becomes “Turn 3”.
  • Potty System stop if Eclair have an accident or a warning during the transition to another map. The Potty system can be easily re-triggered by changing zone (Rabine to the Forest, Hane Shore to Rabine, etc.)

Developer Notes:

Sometimes, RpgMaker has some troubles to open a big game project. Don’t panic if you get this message, close other tasks on your computer that are taking ressources and launch the game again until it work.


Another weird bug I can’t fix but I can explain so it won’t happen to you. When you go from one button to another in the menu, you can notice there’s a animation where the button you select get highlighted. If you try to select the “Save” button before this animation is done, the game will crash. So, when you save, do it slowly to be safe and it should work.

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