Quest for the Dream Girl [v0.7.0] By Slutguy

Slutguy Games released a new game called Quest for the Dream Girl and the version is 0.7.0. The game’s story is about Quest for the Dream Girl is an Adult Adventure Dating Simulator, inspired by JRPG games, in which the main character is a farm boy whose life mission is to seduce all the girls in the region.​

File Size:271.2 MB
OS:Windows, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

Here is what is new:

  • We moved forward with the story of Aria and the curse of the god Eislm. With that, we added two more photos to the game.
  • We finally implemented the Fast Travel system. Now it’s much easier to go from one point to another in the game.


  • We now have a Combat system.
  • We rebalanced the payment to the father (it will increase after some events).
  • We implemented the farm evolution system (build new buildings, expand fields) through the construction office in Ameiro Village.
  • We include some NPCs to give some hints about the quests.
  • Now you will be able to meet Aria, our slime girl (until now she was running away).
  • We will introduce Amanda, a new girl linked to Luna’s story, giving the guy the possibility, in the future, to date two girls at the same time.
  • Tons of bug fixes!

Developer Notes:

The game has uncensored adult content, so it is not recommended for anyone under 18 (or 21 in some countries). The Dream Girl Quest is designed to be continually evolving, which means that new content will be released frequently, expanding the gameplay and story. With each new content update, once migrated to saved games, users can continue the adventure through the new content without losing their progress.

The game is free, and it always will be. You will not be charged for new versions, additional content, premium content or any in-game currency. Everyone deserves to have the same experience. Currently, the game has 5 girls (Bianca, Gina, Rita, Elisa, and Martha) to conquer, through the nuisance, acquaintance, friend, crush, and lover levels, in addition to several other characters in the story.

The game is currently available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. If you would like to contribute to translating the game into your language, see our SlutGuy Website for more information.

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