Rignetta’s Adventure [v1.3.300] By SuperMicanクラフトビール飲むところ

SuperMicanクラフトビール飲むところ Games released a new game called Rignetta’s Adventure and the version is 1.3.300. The game’s story is about Simple game to play. It’s a pixel animated with lots of H content already even though it’s in development. The gameplay is similar to The Holy Grail of Alharan.

File Size:145.9 MB
game details

Game Version Changelog:

[New ecchi content]

  • 1. Addition of echi-animation of Jointed Worm (multiple captivity not supported)

[Newly implemented]

  • 1. The map has been opened up to C-3.
  • All roadblocks have been lifted.
  • 2. Boots of the Wilderness was implemented.
  • After obtaining all the Gems in the wilderness, they will be placed in the Gem Display Room.
  • 3. Three new pieces of furniture have been added to the base.
  • Harpy’s Nest will be installed after obtaining Harpy’s Remembrance Item
  • A happy cactus will be placed after obtaining the Formi Cactus Remembrance.
  • The weapon “?????? ?? ??? ???” will be installed when you obtain the weapon.

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