Rivers of Astrum [v0.2] By Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger Games released a new game called Rivers of Astrum and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about Our tale begins with Kimberly Ashmore, in the pirate-run town of Cliffperch. Orphaned by her parents at the age of three, she was dumped on the streets of this island slum. To this day she does not know why, nor does she know what became of her mother and father. As a result of her environment, she spent her youth learning to exist in the dark alleys and blind corners of the world. Always seeing. Never seen.

Through practice and necessity, she learned the arts of stealth, sleight-of-hand, and pickpocketing in order to put food in her stomach.” The guard has a permanent bounty on her persona, but not a single victim has ever caught her in the act. With no face to place on the wanted posters, the town simply began to refer to her as \”The Umbral Hand\”. The bounty stands today at seven thousand Kartisian Crowns. Her mastery of the scoundrel’s ways has allowed her to survive and thrive in a world where she was neither noticed nor wanted. She had always told herself that she would stop thieving once she had “enough, but it turned out to be an exercise in frustration to attempt to live life within the expectations of society. Living within the rules just felt so needlessly tedious. In her mind, it made no sense to spend your entire life working to obtain something the “proper way”, when you can simply steal it in one night. Only a massive windfall of wealth would make a “normal” life worth living. To that end, she always keeps her ear to the ground for the next rumor.

The next big score. There is an information network that spans the length of the city. Dubbed the Well of Whispers”, it provides information of all sorts, for any able to pay for it. And the Well had recently provided Kim with a potential motherlode. The talk on the street is that of a treasure beyond worth… sunken just off the coast in a vicious storm. If the rumors are true, then it is the kind of treasure that makes fortunes and establishes generational It is a long walk to the beaches of the Queen’s Coast – where the shipwreck is said to have occurred – and she wakes now to prepare for the journey.

Developer:Paper Tiger
File Size:902.1 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Changelog added to the “About” screen. All of these notes will appear in-game as well.
  • Added 879 Renders and 4 animations, concluding Chapter 1 of Kim’s story, and bringing gameplay time to approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Versioning: Moving forward, the version plan is solidified. Welcome to version 0.2!
  • Bad Ends are officially in place. There are currently several. For those who leave them on, encountering a bad end will give you the option to retry the segment that got you there. At which point the choices that led to the bad end will be colored in red. Anyone who chooses to play without bad ends on will experience a more linear, “canon” version of the scenes in which they take place.
  • The relationship system is now in place. Certain actions will affect the characters’ relationships with each other. You will receive an on-screen notification when this happens. The relationship of any character – relative to any other character – can be viewed in their respective character screens.
  • The morality system system is also now in place. Certain actions will increase or decrease a character’s morality level. This will influence available choices, and outcomes of choices, in later updates. Any character’s morality level can be viewed on their respective character screen as well.
  • Players now have the ability to mute character voices individually. These voice toggles are located in the “RoA-Specific Options” section of the preferences screen. They default to “On”. So, any voices highlighted are – in fact – muted. If the character’s name is grayed out in the preferences list, then they will speak their voiced lines.
  • The “Graphic Violence” content filter was renamed to the “Blood / Gore” filter, to more accurately represent the content that it filters out.
  • All nsfw sounds, as well as all other voices, are now appropriately attached to the Voice channel, so that they can be turned off.
  • The fight scene in Vex’s library has had its transitions adjusted for players with epilepsy.
  • As of now, Amaya is the only character not voiced. Finding an actress for her has been troublesome, but I will continue the search!
  • The User Interface has been updated. This is a preliminary version! It will be changed during the next QoL update.
  • Known issue: In one animation with Dax, his body hair is a bit … twitchy. This will be corrected in the next update.
  • Known issue: One of Kim/Cara’s animations in the store room has a slight jump at the end of the loop. This will be corrected in the next update.
  • Known issue: Certain areas are missing music that I intended to populate with such. This will be corrected in the next update.
  • Known issue: There is at least one scene that I’m aware of where the content is not filtered correctly. This will be corrected in the next update. If anyone finds any other bugs, please let me know! All feedback is good feedback! 🙂

Developer Notes:

Work is ongoing, and virtually never-ending.

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