Sabrina the Invisible Art [v0.77] By Omar company

Omar company production released a new game called Sabrina the Invisible Art and the version is 0.77. The game’s story is about Sabrina noticing strange things happening to her. Her aunts don’t give her a definite answer, so she shares all her secrets in her personal diary through sketches. Pretty soon she discovers her secret, and now she has to go to the academy of the invisible arts, which she doesn’t like being in at all. What will she come up with this time?

Developer:Omar company
File Size:172.8 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


– 5 new NSFW scenes (with animation)
– new background
– mini game with academy spirits
– new character
– quest investigation about a missing student
– added the possibility of expulsion from the academy because of mass sex with ghosts


  • 1 NSFW scene
  • fixed a bug with a potion
  • added highlighting of plot conversations
  • fixed the issue display error in the night game
  • 2 new backgrounds have been added
  • 6 NSFW scenes added
  • improved and changing shadows on the previous (all frames) NSFW scene
  • all major NSFW moments are now marked with a certain icon (heart)
  • added a game bar at the top
  • made nice markings that show the improvement of the relationship with the character (determined by the color of the character)
  • added book reading system
  • added a system of visual progress reading
  • new characters
  • added a visual indication of the time of day
  • added time counter in the mini-game with crystals
  • the added bar for potions readiness
  • knowledge icon changed
  • added 10+ new character poses and angles
  • added random peeking into the girls’ room with a chance to see cross-dressing
  • bug fixes
  • as always your favorite humor in the dialogue

Developer Notes:

About Omar company Who lives at the bottom of the ocean? I’m a lonely hermit crab trying to make better coral for myself.

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