Shinigami brothel [v2.0] By Kamos

Kamos Games released a new game called Shinigami brothel and the version is 2.0. The game’s story is about Another parody with a funny grind and a lot of xxx content​.

File Size:401.9 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Developer Notes:

I play a ton of games when I was young and always want to make own game. I always hate games where you must do unlogical long grind and many weird missions without rewards. That is the main reason why I want a simple game and also add cheat menu in every game I create. Sad thing about me is that I just love big game, anime and manga series, so I decide to make a parody game. Why it is sad? You can find only a little of original characters in my game most of them is just a parody of your favorite characters. In other hand I love girls with big boobs so you can seea bust version of many famous characters in my games.

I already create some games with adult content.Programing and draw are sometimes hard and it needs time. All time I have is in the work, in the home and when I sleep. So 1/3 of my day can be used on this page. BUT when I’m home, I have many works too, so time is even shorter. Anyway… I try to make my project work and release new content as fast as possible.

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