Silk Sails [v1.03] By JimJoeBob

JimJoeBob Games released a new game called Silk Sails and the version is 1.03. The game’s story is about A woman who loses her memory and finds herself on a deserted island. She makes some new friends on her journey to find out what happened. Together they unravel a grand conspiracy and take down some evil witches. Throughout the game, you go between the three main islands and some extra ones completing the main quest and learning more about CeeCee’s past. There are a few side quests in the major locations that are mostly treasure hunts described through riddles.

For every companion, you meet there is one scene involved in them joining the party and another unlocked after their companion quests which are available near the end of the game. Gameplay consists of standard turn-based RPG combat as well as a casino with slot machines in the latter part of the game.

File Size:499.2 MB
OS:Windows, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


  • WARNING: Old saves no longer work.
  • Fixed many minor bugs and errors.
  • Added Quest Log to help guide the player and keep track of quests.
  • Added new gambling minigames at the casino (Blackjack, “Poker”, Roulette, High/Low Dice).
  • Added 9 new side quests.
  • Added 82 AI generated images featuring characters (both sfw and nsfw).
  • Added ability to change character profiles for the party menu.
  • Added new gallery area to view new images after unlocking them throughout the story and side quests.

Developer Notes:

Managed to get my hands on RPG Maker MV, XP, and VX Ace and decided to make this. I started with nothing but a pirate theme so the whole plot was made along the way and may have suffered from that. I’m sorry that there’s no art, but I don’t have that skill. If it gains enough intrest, I would be willing to aquire art and add it to the game. I will update the game after awhile if any bugs or other problems are found. There are also some mild flashes in the game in case that might be of concern. Please let me know what you think or how I can improve the game and any future projects. I will continue to update the game with feedback from players. Thanks for playing.

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