Society [v1.11] By mr.EDGE

mr.EDGE Games released a new game called Society and the version is 1.11. The game’s story is about You starting as a young, rich man who is set to start building his own corporate empire by himself. (just like his father) He should work hard to get what he wants… What does he want? Well, that’s up to you!​

File Size:597.1 MB
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added new biotech quest (start at parents house home office)
  • Added new location in city (biotech office)
  • Added 1 new scene medtek morning (medtek quest)
  • Added 7 new scenes medtek experiments (medtek quest)
  • Added 2 new scenes medtek caught (medtek quest)
  • Added 12 new misc text descriptions (medtek quest)
  • Added after one of the medtek quest endings father’s NPC stats will be shown in his office
  • Fixed bank UI
  • Fixed car dealership image
  • Fixed small bugs


Developer Notes:

I am a game developer who likes developing games. Do you enjoy playing my games? That’s cool, here you could buy additional content for them.

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