Student Transfer [v8.0] By kmalloc

kmalloc Games released a new game called Student Transfer and the version is 8.0. The game’s story is about An ordinary high school student named John comes across an object of immense power on an otherwise ordinary day. Will he use it to pursue his own deepest desires? Or will he and his friends be caught between forces they don’t understand?​

File Size:810.9 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:


Now with 1.5M words! 300k more than last time!

  • MagicAllie – As Allison’s friendship with the other popular girls takes a turn for the worse, John must decide how to help her, or if he even should.
  • Sitcom – John summons the all-powerful Circe and wishes to be a famous TV star! Little does he know: demons can be quite overbearing when swayed by creative muse!
  • KyokoMistake – Trying to take a peek inside the device might have been a mistake. Kyoko and John now have to get settled into their new lives and find a way to get everything back to normal.
  • CharlotteSwap – John and Charlotte keep swapping, and their shifting memories are making romance more difficult than it ever needed to be!
  • TheBet- A simple wager on who has it harder gets out of hand. The only thing worse than going through with it is what awaits the loser!
  • MichelleSwap – Michelle’s machinations march onwards, but if it’s war she wants it is war she will get.
  • MagicDelinquents – Did you think Tori and Vanessa were just going to stop once they knew magic was real? No. No they were not.
  • KiyoshiWish – A simple wish for a friend to share the gift of magic with goes off the rails. Then keeps going. And going and going and going.
  • Mystery – The long awaited revamp of Murder, all the Jane goodness you know and love with a dash of actual mystery this time.


  • Improved Emoji support (especially in the phone messaging system) to enable accurate portrayal of Gen-Z speech patterns.
  • Several dynamically-created images in the game were updated to obey the screen filters correctly.
  • Auto-forward mode for text messages has been fixed and now functions correctly for the first time since the messaging system was created.
  • A whole bunch of typos in old content.
  • Preemptively resolve a bunch of issues that Ren’Py has graciously introduced to keep us on our toes.


  • The game’s version number was updated from 7.1 to 8.0.
  • The CG viewer has received a full overhaul and will no longer make a roundtrip to the moon and back before responding to inputs on CG’s with a large number of permutations.
  • All of our internal variables were rearrange and organized, which should somewhat help with save compatibility.
  • The swap command now doesn’t instantly switch expressions at the end.
  • Character name boxes have been moved above the dialogue/narration instead of remaining beside it, to avoid UI overlap.
  • CG names will now only show the first part of their name when not unlocked, to avoid spoilers.
  • A bespoke selection of ‘Paths under Construction’ have been pruned from the game to keep you lot from complaining. Path Work Ahead? I sure hope it does!


  • A whole bunch of new typos in new content.
  • The ‘possess’ command now takes an optional zorder number that is applied to the target if desired
  • New expressions for several characters, including Katrina, Michelle, John, Holly, Allison, and Kiyoshi. Even Emily, too!
  • Several new and exciting sound effects that do not contain any subliminal messages whatsoever.
  • The legacy ‘Murder’ route is back as a scenario. Gotta throw ’em a bone every once in a while.
  • New backgrounds: The Hano household now has a bathroom and another bedroom. Katrina’s bedroom can finally be darkened and the mall has been expanded with several more locations and variants.
  • Lots of new outfits! Sandra, Yuuna, Katrina, Charlotte, Kyoko, Rita, and KiyoshiGB all have new duds. Circe has a hat.
  • Oh, Kiyoshi’s naked cock exists now, too! Hip hip hooray!
  • The matriarch of the Morgan household, Laura, has been replaced. She’s better than ever, with 2 poses, 7 outfits, and a smile to die for. Old Laura has been mercilessly yeeted into the shadow realm.

Breaking Changes

  • The background ‘bg mall restaurant’ has been renamed to ‘bg mall restaurant day’, as we added a ‘dusk’ variant and needed to clean up the namespace.

Game Images & Screenshots


April’s Fools Special 2020

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