Succulence 2: Re-Broadcast [v0.63.3] By (R)Nest

(R)Nest Games released a new game called Succulence 2: Re-Broadcast and the version is 0.63.3. The game’s story is about Succulence 2 is an RPG that follows the story of a rookie reporter with a dark secret, who gets wrapped up in an investigation that threatens her new companions. Will she get to the bottom of the mystery, or will she choose a different path in this carnal dance?​

File Size:1.60 GB
game details

Game Version Changelog:

List of new things:

  • Full week cycle enabled.
  • TV events, Train CG’s and clothing shop(with some fitting room mini-events)
  • Lust Overload expanded slightly
  • Improved crowd mechanics during day, night and rain
  • White Top wardrobe malfunction mechanic polished
  • Pantie-Loss Mechanic added[Untested]
  • Pool mini-game enabled, but blackjack isn’t for now

Game Images & Screenshots


Before Remake (v0.63.3)

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