Taste of Life [v1.0] By Daruko

Daruko Games released a new game called Taste of Life and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about Your returning from 5 years of university abroad, back to your old hometown. While it feels nice to finally have your degree and reconnect with your loved ones, you always coasted by life doing what others told you, following goals others set for you. After your experience abroad, you feel like something is missing from your life. On your journey to find your own goals, explore the world, meet different people, discover different cultures, unravel the mysteries of the world and of end up in many spicy situations along the way!​

File Size:2.00 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 810+ old renders remade
  • 140+ old animations remade
  • 130+ new renders
  • 20+ new animations
  • 600+ new lines of dialogue
  • Edited some older lines of dialogue
  • Corrected some typos and grammatical mistakes

Developer Notes:

“Taste Of Life is a game, or series of games, that will be episodic in nature, similar to cartoons that have their own little stories in each episodes. There IS an overarching plot of course, one that will be spread throughout the different episodes/chapters, and the main plot will have a greater importance in the later chapters, but the goal for now is to explore different stories and characters, both wacky ones and more grounded ones, in each chapters. And do not worry, I don’t plan on introducing waifus to just leave them behind when moving on to the next chapters, a lot of characters will make re-appearances throughout different chapters, especially fan-favourite ones.”

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