Tavern Fun [v0.1] By WonderL

WonderL Games released a new game called Tavern Fun and the version is 0.1. The game’s story is about Tavern fun is a visual novel about your encounter with a elven and a barmaid with a dark secret. You are a human, son of Marcus and Ana, from the city of Granz, which is part of the Salzbur metropolitan area and serves as the seat of the human empire. A lumberjack, like your father and his father before him, you’re living your life day after day until someone you had almost forget meets with you in a tavern… memories and feelings you didn’t know existed resurfaced…​

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Game Version Changelog:

v1.0 Release

Developer Notes:

I tried to pull all my skills together to make a game with animations and audio trying all workflows together so I can get a better feel of developing this kind of game, its mostly done, tho in the future I can extend it if my supported would like that, I chose Unity instead of renpy because I plan to make more complex games in the future, so doing it in unity will allow me hone my skills, estabilished a good base for VN style games the AI is a bit crude but I will polish it in future iterations, I plan on launching a shorter game next getting more ambitious as I gather support

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