The Daedalus Project [Ch. 9 Public] By Kitty and the Lord

Kitty and the Lord Games released a new game called The Daedalus Project and the version is Ch. 9 Public. The game’s story is about From the creators of The Whore of Babylon, Kitty, and the Lord are proud to present their next RPG Interactive Erotica: THE DAEDALUS PROJECT. Step into a world where parallel realities are not only a theoretical conjecture but are the battlefield of a secret, generation-spanning war. Fight, talk, and fuck your way out of intricately crafted missions full of intrigue and subterfuge. Explore mind-bending worlds where your every wild desire can be indulged, but keep an eye out for nefarious terrorists, rival agencies, and even your own colleagues, for not everything is as it seems in THE DAEDALUS PROJECT.

Developer:Kitty and the Lord
File Size:547.9 MB
Version:Ch. 9 Public
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

CH. 7.1

  • Changed format for “Lucy’s Audiotherapy Track 1” to “Erohypno session 1” (audio to video)
  • Changed format for “Lucy’s Audiotherapy Track 2” to “Erohypno session 2” (audio to video)
  • You can now play Blackjack with Lucy in her heart-shaped n*pple covers
  • You can now play Blackjack with lucy topless
  • Fixed bug regarding the Palais Eros services (gender switch)

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