The Fox Goddess’s Village Rework [v0.13] By Master Hyo

Master Hyo Games released a new game called The Fox Goddess’s Village Rework and the version is 0.13. The game’s story is about You are a scientist sent to a remote mountain village to study the people living there isolated from the rest of the world. Your research lets you experience all the different customs and traditions of the locals and get to know the various girls living there.​

Developer:Master Hyo
File Size:209.66 MB
OS:Windows, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

  • New Scenes for Mei, Kiho, and Tomo
  • Added a new location
  • repeatable interactions for Mei and Kiho
  • First sex scene (Tomo) and first Blowjob (Kiho)
  • Compressed the pictures so the file got a lot smaller
  • Examination system for Tomo and Miu (main event and repeatable)

Developer Notes:

It took some time to get back into the game after I dropped it because of getting frustrated with coding and the limitations of my own skill. I still, got some free time right now, so I thought I might try again. The upload will probably be quite bugged since I mainly focused on progressing the storyline and adding content. So please feel free to point out errors and grammar mistakes.

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