The Pill [v0.6] By Begrove

Begrove Games released a new game called The Pill and the version is 0.6. The game’s story is about A lighthearted choose-your-own-adventure / virtual novel made in VN Maker involving the mischievous Belle – your partner who has made an unexpected purchase that will change your evening… or the world! Or somewhere in between.​

File Size:2.17 GB
OS:Windows, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:




  • Added around 11,000 words of additional script content
  • 10 new endings, taking Luca to 15
  • 16 new animations
  • 25 new achievements, taking the game’s total to 99
  • 15 new music tracks
  • New dialogue UI
  • New achievement gallery UI
  • Reworked all the achievement previews to work in the new gallery format.
  • Game now defaults into full screen.
  • Re-worked how Luca’s endings are summoned. This means a slower load time to get into the chapter, but faster loops when you ‘reverse time’. The other chapters remain the same. This also means text will fade on rather than write on.
  • Added a ‘skip’ button to Luca’s chapter, and the first conversation of the other chapters. This will be fully rolled out in a future version.
  • Re-made the first ‘height’ animation in Trish’s chapter to better show her height growth
  • Added 3 new character models.
  • The game will now launch in full screen mode.

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