Tomboy Supremacy [v0.6a Special] By Abere Lucifer

Abere Lucifer Games released a new game called Tomboy Supremacy and the version is 0.6a Special. The game’s story is about A US Army veteran comes home to his family in Southern Missouri after spending four years away from them. Now he’s dealing with his younger sister Cheyenne who is tsundere with a brother complex, his other younger sister Mary-Sue who’s in bloody conflict with the squirrels of Greene County, MO and his older half-sister Luna who shares her mind with the personality of an insane alcoholic teddy bear named Cozmo. NOTE – THIS GAME IS VERY STORY AND COMEDY HEAVY. ATTENTION: THIS GAME HAS NO CONNECTION TO ANY OF MY OTHER GAMES. PLEASE DON’T LOOK AT MY PREVIOUS GAMES AND COMPARE IT TO THIS ONE. IT’S SOMETHING A LOT DIFFERENT.

Developer:Abere Lucifer
File Size:1.32 GB
Version:0.6a Special
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

4th of July Special

Developer Notes:

It will in no way be connected to the 23 Sisters Universe.
It’s gonna be it’s own thing. It’s still in the early stages of developmen

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