Underneath the Labyrinth [v0.1.36] By midsan

midsan Games released a new game called Underneath the Labyrinth and the version is 0.1.36. The game’s story is about A veteran knight searching for his battle brothers found himself in a small remote mining town with a strange phenomenon. A calling that prying on his desire, Sense of duty, Take advantage in a moment of weakness. Would he succeed in his quest? Or found himself tranform and fell to the alluring corruption?​

File Size:1.92 GB
OS:Windows, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

0.1.32 Full build

  1. Add Relationship menu support for female Altrius
  2. Add New cheat on the quick menu. Allowing players to warp to the village main district. Useful for quick escape or a work around being stuck.
  3. Add a few new responses to Altrius dialog after the player milked her more than 2 times.


  1. Fix an issue with corrupted cecilia dialog in “My future self” Topic.
  2. Fix Status not displayed correctly during Thomas’ defeated scene.
  3. Grammar fix in Dock/Sailor NPC. Town map description and The world map description. Kindly provided by Gut.

Developer Notes:

The game features the rich world deep with it history, lore and conflict. As well as mystery for player to uncover. Player takes a role of a veteran knight with a dark past. Investigating the strange phenomenon and the missing of his friend. It’s up for the player to find out what really did happen in this strange event. While hopefully didn’t get corrupt and tranform into lusty sex crazed nymph.

At the moment (2021-02-07) the game is stable enough for the first release. There’re not a lot of content yet. But should sufficient enough as a proof of concept. The game will be free for anyone to enjoy.

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