Where the demon lurks [v0.7b] By TeamBoke

TeamBoke Games released a new game called Where the demon lurks and the version is 0.7b. The game’s story is about Where the Demon Lurks is a visual novel where you are in the shoes of the newest Demon Lord, ruler of all corrupted souls in the Underworld, the most feared being that commands an army of demons and other unholy spawns of the earth. All that… and you’re bored by every second of it.

The Underworld isn’t what it used to be. The soul-crushing-soul-torturing mega corporation is hell-bent on processing corrupted souls. Inheriting this company that practically runs itself, the Demon Lord questions his purpose. Find out what it’s like to be a reluctant ruler and meet a cast of demons, angels and other magical and not-so-magical misfits. Just what kind of a Demon Lord will you be in the end?​

File Size:202.5 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 1. Typo fixes
  • 2. Lucian route updated

Developer Notes:

Where the Demon Lurks is a mostly kinetic SFW visual novel with a few branching parts, and some occasional fan service. To get easier and faster access to WTDL update news follow our Twitter page. If you like what we are making consider supporting us on Patreon for early access to updates and additional rewards depending on your support tier!

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