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Mesmerizers Games released a new game called Artifact and the version is 0.79.21. The game’s story is about You a 24-year-old male graduate student studying Archaeology at modern-day Miskatonic University. Being the perfect student, you are on the road to achieving your dreams with your whole life ahead of you. All of that begins to change when a mysterious artifact is discovered outside of Dunwich. Do you have what it takes to transform your school into your own personal harem while avoiding suspicion, and bringing about a lustful apocalypse? In Artifact you have one school year to stealthily turn the entire campus into your sex-crazed bimbo sluts, without being caught by a mysterious rival who’s on the hunt for you.

Artifact is a Lovecraftian adult text adventure coded in Twine. It is currently in alpha and is in early access. There will be over 20 unique characters (about a 2:5 male-to-female ratio) and there over 90 possible sex scenes.​

File Size:257.7 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • +Added a new main quest, complete with two possible new sex scenes
  • +Added new doll body sets
  • Female / Fit (body, faces, hair, eyes, chest)
  • Female / Average (body, faces, hair, eyes, chest)
  • +Added Melissa blowjob scene (image only)
  • +Added husks’ images to their spot in the boiler room (not all husks will have all body parts yet)
  • +Added a toggle option for fullscreen that appears when first booting up the game. (As much as I’d like the game to automatically switch to or from fullscreen by remembering your preferences whenever you boot it up, it simply is not possible with this game engine since it requires user input to go fullscreen. The best I can do in these circumstances is to present the fullscreen option as early and effortlessly as possible.)
  • *Expanded the drain encounter
  • *Professors and staff no longer eat from the cafeteria, except on rare occasions
  • *Reformatted boiler room husks for easier navigation and cleaner look
  • *Taking your free meal from the cafeteria should now function properly, as should purchasing additional meals
  • *Fixed images for Dr. Howard’s scenes
  • *Fixed issue with Dr. Hartmann occasionally being unable to do his rant
  • *Fixed missing text in the Ghouls chapter of the fragments
  • *Fixed potential issue with being unable to leave Archaeology lab under certain scenarios
  • *Fixed potential progression issue in the red light encounter
  • *Increased Boiler Room visibility in Student Center
  • *Fixed issue that resulted in certain library quest text being visible even after its relevant quest had progressed
  • -Removed many of the “broken link” images, although some few may still remain
  • -Removed duplicate links from Archaeology Building Bathroom

Developer Notes:

At its core, Artifact caters to: breast inflation, bimbofication, mind control, incest (only if you count step siblings).

There are also optional fetishes like: femdom (on yourself), futanari (others), parasitism (others), impregnation (others), exhibitionism (yourself and others), gender swapping (others) , forced feminization (on yourself or others), small penis humiliation (yourself or others), big dick (yourself or others), corruption (yourself and others)

Some are only ‘optional’ in the same way that getting hit by an enemy is optional (an unintended consequence of your actions), or that getting a fire flower is optional (a powerup that can greatly help, but is not required to win).

Q: Why Early Access? A: I would like the game to have fanbase input early in the process to help curate a game that is fulfilling for them. I want people to feel like their money is well spent. I am an indie developer and have been using Patreon to fund the game thus far, so I am also hoping that by uploading to itch, it will help expedite the release of the full version and allow me to start working on stretch goals so that I can over-deliver.

Q: Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access? A: At the current rate, the full version is expected in about 2 years. However, I will also be uploading to other platforms soon where I expect to cut that in half.

Q: How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version? A: The full version will have hand-drawn artwork for all of the game’s cast of characters, more flesh to the story (particularly in the latter half), original music, and a ‘final boss’. Stretch goals would be additional artwork for scenery, artwork for cutscenes, extension of game mechanics and choices, additional characters, and replacing any non-hand-drawn images with hand-drawn images.

Q: What is the current state of the Early Access version? A: The current version has about 30% of the hand-drawn artwork finished, and 70% of the story fleshed out. The beginning half of the game is pretty rich in detail, but in the latter half there are a modest amount of placeholder scenes that may feel brief. Most of the bugs have been squashed, but you may still expect some.

Q: Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access? A: As of right now there are no plans to change the price of the game after release, but this may change as I begin implementing stretch goal features and content.

Q: How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process? A: I am counting on community feedback to make the best game possible. I receive notifications whenever there are new posts in the forums and do my best to respond in a timely manner. I am very excited to see the community that will grow!

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