Beyond Tomorrow [Chp.2] By Dream Games

Dream Games released a new game called Beyond Tomorrow and the version is Chp.2. The game’s story is about Beyond Tomorrow is a game based on a story in which the main role is played by a 20-year-old boy who lives with his mother and sister. Even though your father left you a long time ago, it didn’t stop you from living a happy and contented life. But as usual, nothing beautiful lasts forever, and one morning, when you woke up, your life turned into complete hell. Your mother became seriously ill, and you promised yourself that you would do everything to help her. You suddenly find yourself in the role of a real man, even though you’re still just a boy, and even though you seem to be in control of everything, that’s not always the way things work out.​

File Size:2.25 GB
OS:Windows, Linux
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Game Version Changelog:

Beyond Tomorrow – Chapter 1 (new version)

  • As I have already mentioned in the last few days, some stuff has been changed in Ch1. The intention at the beginning was to release Ch1 one more time due to the Ren’Py update and old saves not working. That means you have to play Ch1 one more time, but don’t worry, it’s not going to be a waste of time
  • Dialogue:
  • Some of you already know that I have spent the last two days rewriting the whole chapter. When I was creating Ch1 for the first time, I wrote everything in my language, then translated and proofread. I always had the feeling that the whole game was like a script. It didn’t look natural to me, and the characters were talking like robots. What is different this time is that I have written everything one more time, but directly in English. Despite the fact that I wasn’t really satisfied with everything, I accepted it because 99% of players told me “it’s really well written”. The truth is that I thought about it many times after the first release until I really opened Ch1 once again and tried to improve everything. The story hasn’t been changed; everything is the same. I just put my own words into dialog. I already have some feedbeck, and they told me two things: 1. It’s a lot better. 2. It’s more natural. So, I achieved what I wanted, I guess. Anyway, you guys know that I’m not an English-speaking person. If you find any mistakes or problems, feel free to report them to me. I’m always willing to fix it because I really care to deliver the best results

Developer Notes:

Hi! My name is Dream (Dream Games), and I am the developer of “Beyond Tomorrow”. BT is my first project that I started working on about 8 months ago. If you decide to give my game a chance, I will be very happy! If you would like to share your opinion about my game with me, you can do so on my Discord server, which I am currently starting, or in the comments on this page. In the event of any questions, I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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