Dragon Sleuth Brittany [v8.1] By Cherry Blossom Games

Cherry Blossom Games released a new game called Dragon Sleuth Brittany and the version is 8.1. The game’s story is about Dragon Sleuth Brittany is a Scalie porn game. You play as the sassy and deliciously flat-chested Brittany the Dragon. Her quest is to find dragon eggs that have been stolen and have sexy fun along the way! Featuring high-quality pixel art combined with a jazzy soundtrack, and voiced dialogue, and is filled to the brim with lewd jokes, sex scenes,, and mini-games. DSB v5 is a total overhaul and remake. We are currently working on recreating all of the previous content from 4.2.​

Developer:Cherry Blossom
File Size:243 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:

2022-07-28 v6.9 Beta

2021-11-27 v5.1

  • * Lots of bugs and issues that were under the hood were fixed!
  • * Added new scene: Beach Sex
  • * Go inside the diner and play the milk collection game!
  • * The world map is now opened!

Developer Notes:

Currently Features:
We focused on getting the mini games up and running. Next will be the RPG dialogues and assembling the major quest.

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