Dungeon of Oblivion [Rewrite] By Tehtas

Tehtas Games released a new game called Dungeon of Oblivion and the version is Rewrite. The game’s story is about Hisou Katagi a massive turboweeb. A true one, one of those. Do you know? The kind that facepalms my jokes on the hentai cringe games, defends absolute degeneracy like it’s his god-given duty, etc. The kind that thinks Shinji Ikari is a role model? Yeah, that kind. Even the other weebs bully him. He’s too far gone. Thing is? His is a massive lolicon, too. One day, after finishing his newest RPGMaker “ntr bait” woman humiliation game, he decided it was a good idea to actually fuck his own little sister in order to try and make her addicted to his dick. Just like in his games. Reality and fiction are kinda blurred when weebs are gone this far, yo. However? Miraculously just before he carries out his plan, Hisou is actually struck by a truck! What a coincidence! Or is it?

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Developer Notes:

Alright guys! This has been a while coming. Finally I’m done with all the basic shit for this damn game. It’s mechanically complete, meaning that I can focus on content instead of figuring out how to make everything work. There’s not much for now, but just enough to give you a solid taste of what’s to come.

As for the tags? NTR? Just imagine the Goblin is your mother. Incest? Just imagine the statue is your father. There. Godspeed.

Apart from that? This is mainly a “transformation” game. Hisou goes from turboweeb to turboslut. So yeah, this has some pretty gay shit, due to the nature of the game. Since Hisou at any point in time can be either male, female or futa. If you have problems with this, then move along, this ain’t for you. If you’re mature enough to understand and is still interested? Good.

Plenty of transformations are planned. Cowgirl, slime, statue, latex doll, etc. Patreon supporters can even give out suggestions on my discord channel and have people vote for it. So this is pretty limitless. Even I am not sure exactly all the tags this game will have, let’s say 6 months from now.

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