Jessica O’Neil’s Hard News [v0.60] By stoperArt

stoperArt Games released a new game called Jessica O’Neil’s Hard News and the version is 0.60. The game’s story is about The game about a 25 years old woman, Jessica O’Neil, trying to make a career as an investigative journalist at a newspaper. After working for a local TV channel for a couple of years, she wants to dive into the deep waters and make an impact with her work. How far is she willing to go and what methods is she going to use is up to you, the player.​

File Size:1.51 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

v0.5 Beta

  • 292 new renders.
  • Progress in Jessica’s journalist career, lesbian and faithful content.
  • There’s basically no straight cheating scene in the BETA. I will add one for the full version in the next weeks. There are also no sounds for the moment, no POV shots, and naturally no translations yet. I also want to take a closer look at some of the dialogues and maybe give them a touch or two, but nothing major.
  • Make sure not to make saves in the BETA, because when I add everything and make all changes the saves you’ve made may no longer work. If that happens, or your old saves don’t work, make sure to check the README for info on how to quickly skip dialogues.

Game Images & Screenshots

Android (v0.55 Beta): GOFILE – MEGA – WORKUPLOAD

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