Monster Black Market [v2.0.0.0] By Team-Apple Pie

Team-Apple Pie Games released a new game called Monster Black Market and the version is The game’s story is about the Player accepting a secret proposal from ‘Amilia’, a senior member of the continent’s highest crime syndicate. She gives the player a territory, where she will test the player by having him run a monster farm and brothel using monsters and slaves. She offered a period of 50 days. If the player ran the territory and made a profit during the 50-day time period, she would accept the player into the organization to which Amilia belonged. ​

Developer:Team-Apple Pie
File Size:273.89 MB
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Ability to undress special slaves
  • It is possible to construct the same type of room one after another by using the Ctrl key during construction.
  • It is possible to remove clothes and chains collectively with the Alt key
  • Changed the double speed button to stop without returning from 5 to 1
  • Add territory conversion button
  • Fixed an issue where window contents were displayed over slaves and monsters
  • Fixed the click range of the upper left timer
  • Fixed an issue where the pause was canceled when closing the menu
  • Fixed the problem that the screen position moves when closing the menu with right click
  • Fixed the click range of the shelf and customers at the brothel entrance
  • Remove acquisition message on restart

Developer Notes:

It has 8 types of slaves, 5 types of monsters, and different appearances and characteristics depending on the race. Let’s make various products with various parts and color combinations. Run your territory using the various facilities of the underground farm that raises monsters and the ground brothel for prostitution. There are NPCs to support the work of the players, and if they expand their work through their support and get their favor, may they get special products and compensation?

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