No Limit [v0.6.3] By SharkoonMan

SharkoonMan Games released a new game called No Limit and the version is 0.6.3. The game’s story is about You forget the one rule… always delete your browser history! Now your Girlfriend knows all your hidden desires. This story sets the stage for both you and your girlfriend’s personal and shared journeys into the realm of their newly discovered desires.

File Size:1.35 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • added some smaller story elements in the game ( e.g little bit about ur pet and u can name him)
  • Changed the starting Screen
  • Tried to make the Home UI more visible
  • Added a Day cycle so u can see if ur stuck or looping (20 days currently, but may be more at release)
  • Changed some passages which didnt fit
  • Red border only shows some very important parts, but at every new day you can find new stuff even if its not marked.
  • added a debug setting so you can see at which home you are currently ( 11 right now, but may be more)
  • REmoved the “Hard Humiliation” for now, because I want to rework it
  • Pet got slightly adjusted
  • Barbeque should work now
  • removed sph for now

v.0.6 (Patreon Release)

  • hanged Background for reappearing Passages
  • Added Icons to improve Visual
  • Removed, changed and added some Passages
  • Removed the Option to choose another Fetish, because it didnt make sense with the flow of the story to already choose another fetish when the main one wasnt even fully started.
  • Fixed spelling mistakes
  • Fixed Colour for speaking
  • added new pics or improved some older ones
  • Fixed variable mistakes
  • Added new story
  • Added recurring Bathroom Passage
  • Added Setting in the Left UI ( the hard Humiliation, currently doesnt have much content, but its worth to try it )


  • Story Update
  • Forum Introduction


  • Story Update
  • More Cuckold path

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Heyy, it’s my first time creating a game like that, so I don’t really have a specific plan, where and how I want the story to unfold. I’m just trying some things with this game, to learn the mechanics and ways to tell a story with this program. My plan is to include a variety of kinks and fetishes, so the player has the freedom to explore and experience what they want. For the preview, i only have one path which is accessible. Maybe you have already noticed, but I’m not a native speaker, so please excuse when there is a mistake I have an overall Idea for the game, but how it will unfold, you will see in the future. Hope you enjoy the preview 😀

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