Remote Island Survivors [Final] By The Church of NTR

The Church of NTR Games released a new game called Remote Island Survivors and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Everyone who has been looking to the school boat trip, including Aina and her best friend Ikuya. However, the boat gets in an accident, and the two end up washing ashore on a remote island. Aina is happy that the protagonist is fine, and the two decide to wait for help. While exploring the island, they meet four other guys who’ve washed up. 1 woman. 5 men. Aina has a bad feeling about this situation…​

Developer:The Church of NTR
File Size:1.06 GB
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the recollection mode and hot spring event.

Developer Notes:

[H Scenes] 37 H scenes total, including everything from deflowering to pleasure corruption. Event scenes are fully voiced, with over 2000 lines of dialogue.

The game includes 8 endings, including Game Overs. Scenes can be re-watched anytime in-game.

[Characters] Aina The heroine. A beautiful swim-team star who is usually cool and unflappable. She is in love with her childhood friend (the protagonist), but has been unable to progress their relationship. Despite her slender body, she has rather large breasts.

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