Secret Survey [v11/07/22 Test] By Salt bake

Salt bake Games released a new game called Secret Survey and the version is 11/07/22 Test. The game’s story is about Investigate and survive​.

Developer:Salt bake
File Size:1.03 GB
Version:11/07/22 Test
game details

Game Version Changelog:

I’m a big fan of this game, I didn’t share the latest demo because I wanted to support the dev but given this game may never be completed, I’m uploading the last released paid demo version (11/07/22). This version includes all items in challenge mode with 3 additional levels.

I attempted to see if you can glitch past the second level in the story mode. You can actually glitch through the fence in the 2nd level near the truck by jumping/rolling to access the back of the map. You can tell in the full version the back will be accessible but unfortunately there’s no exit and the terrain/textures eventually become buggy.

I’m really disappointed this game may never be completed as it ticks a lot of boxes for me. Also the insect enemies can impregnate the PC which wasn’t in previous versions. To see them you have to do the ‘challenge’ mode where all enemies in the demo are thrown at you.

Developer Notes:

I am making a TPS game using UNITY. A game in which you can defeat or defeat zombies with a gun while looking at the girl’s ass. I also like armor breaks, so I plan to implement it.

  • Nice to meet you, my name is Salt Bake.
  • My main job is not a designer or a programmer, and
  • it’s not a creative job.
  • As a hobby, I play with 3D models and program.
  • Therefore, I think that the lack of power is conspicuous, but I would
  • appreciate it if you could kindly watch over me. 

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