Zetria [1.4.1] By Karnedraws

Karnedraws Games released a new game called Zetria and the version is 1.4.1. The game’s story is about Equipped with her advanced NX-37 Combat Harness and trusty sidearm, Solana has ventured out on the border sectors to find her way as a salvage and rescue operator. During one of her regular runs to the debris fields of the abandoned Zetrian system, she picks up a distress signal and sets down on an un-surveyed exoplanet to discover the source.​

File Size:55.1 MB
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Game Version Changelog:

Uploaded a new build, the UI should handle scaling much better now, but let me know if anyone has further issues. Apologies for that. The text that indicated debug options was way outdated, and in fact there are are no debug options in the demo! Apologies, my bad – removed this text in updated version

Developer Notes:

Zetria is a pixel/retro style platformer with action and puzzle elements. Help Solana jump, shoot and think her way through perils and dangers to rescue those in need!

Ero Taglist:

  • #Female Protagonist
  • #Monster Sex
  • #Futa
  • #Lesbian
  • #Tentacles
  • #Consentacles
  • #Feral x Female
  • #Female x Female

General Taglist:

  • #Female Protagonist
  • #Pixel Art
  • #Retro
  • #2D Puzzle & Action Platformer
  • #Cartoon Violence
  • #Sci Fi

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